NGO “Romtegra” – R.M.I is a None Government Organization established on: 30.12.2010 in Prishtina.

By getting in consideration the created circumstances for Roma community in Kosovo related to media aspect, and by evaluating the general position of Roma, we felt the need to establish an organization which will be focused exclusively on improvement of roma written and electronic media in Republic of Kosovo, as well as broader, where through media we will try to improve the other spheres that affect this community in daily life.

The main goal of NGO “Romtegra” – R.M.I is to improve the quality of actual media in roma language as well as to open or establish new media in roma language (professional staff promotion and preparation, advancing roma media, professionalize research media in roma language, better representation of roma community in other media as well as media monitoring in reporting aspect). Other fields of interest where NGO “RoMtegra” will show its efforts are integration of Roma community in Kosovo society, education, health, human rights advocacy so as youth mobilizing and activating within Republic of Kosovo.

NGO Romtegra, on its constitution of human resources has professionals and people with high education level on media sphere, so as of other fields, where except activities of better representation of roma community through media in Republic of Kosovo, will have a coordination line with other roma community NGO s in Kosovo and out of Kosovo in order to improve the socio-economic and health position of roma community.

NGO “Romtegra” during the past period had realized series of important projects on media aspect. In 2009 has been realized the documentary “Kolonia” which shows the misery conditions of inhabitants of this neighbourhood located in Gjakove/Djakovica, whereas thanks to this documentary, which has proven their bad living conditions, was insured material support for building new houses for above mentioned inhabitants. At the same time, in 2011 NGO has realize the documentary film about Culture week of RAE community in Kosovo organizaed by KFOS foundation. NGO Romtegra as media production had realize important TV materials when about important music festivals, culture events, as well as contributes in presenting the cultural values of RAE community in Kosovo and broader. It is important to mention that all visual materials (documentaries, sroties, interviews) which are being realized by NGO “Romtegra” mentioned as production, thanks to memorandum of understanding with RTK, publishes all of the material in roma program “Yekhipe” which is working under the Public Service of Kosovo/RTK. NGO and Production Romtegra possess professional staff of journalists, camera recorders, mountagers, editors etc, which are ensuring professional work in media aspect and is the only media organization and production of RAE community in Republic of Kosovo.

In 2021, the organization Romtegra has started the implementation of the project for the production of React shows through the ECR platform of questionnaires in order to engage citizens in media reporting and advocacy. Also, with the support of the British Council, Romtegra has launched the website

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